Webproof six doubles the number of customers

For every business there is a scalability strategy that works. Our customer Webproof decided to go international and change their strategy from targeting only the big companies to also targeting the SMEs. Converzion was a big part of this process and made Webproof realize that the importance of an effective inbound marketing strategy, online presence, and creating an effective workflow are essential parts of a profitable international future and it kick-started their growth significantly.

“Converzion was spot on with their advice on necessary changes and actions to ensure growth. Their focus on strong online presence, effective customer and lead management, and scalable workflow was critical to our growth in new customers – and at the same time a huge plus that they not only gave advice but could assist with the practical implementation ”

Jan Adeltoft, Webproof

As always, we employ a no-nonsense 10/90 approach to our service – 10% research and 90% ‘doing’.

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