TFRTorben Frigaard Rasmussen

Chairman of Converzion

With an extreme passion for building start-ups and a unique insight and ability to utilize new technology, Torben Frigaard has since 1999 stood in the vanguard of a range of companies whose new technology has revolutionized traditional industries – Including Permission Marketing, media and the accounting profession.

Torben Frigaard’s insight and skill in selecting the right employee teams to work with has resulted in both effective turnarounds and the rollout of major digital initiatives and international launches which have led to several successful sales and exits.

Today, Torben Frigaard Rasmussen is Special Operating Director for the private equity fund HgCapital, which acquired e-conomic in 2013. At HgCapital he leads the fund’s drive to identify growth companies in the Nordic market. When Torben Frigaard assumed the leadership of e-conomic in 2008, it was a small, Copenhagen based business with 40 employees, 15,000 customers and a turnover of 31 million DKK. Today, e-conomic international a/s is among the world’s leading providers of cloud-based accounting systems for the SME market. Currently, e-conomic has more than 200,000 users worldwide and expects to achieve a turnover of approx. 150 million DKK in 2014.

Torben is a strong leader, with long turn around track-record in various business’. He has an international network and build several business in Europe and in the USA. He contains significant experience in the online media space, but also in traditional industries.