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9 Types of Organizational Culture: Which One Are You?

Working culture has a significant effect on the organization’s performance. It is not just about finding degree of  freedom that you give to your employees, but much more complex than that. Being too strict can lead to employee dissatisfaction, allowing too much self management can result a drop in performance. The following article identifies 9 types of organizational culture – which one is yours?

The First Question to Ask of Any Strategy

As written in an earlier blog post ‘The Death of Business Plans‘, a strategy revolution is brewing; especially in tech startups. A revolution, where experimental trial and errors have more benefits than detailed business planning. But how can we then quickly decide whether our strategy is good or bad? You could look at the core strategy choices and ask yourself if you could make the opposite strategic choice without looking stupid, and then what? This article may have the answer.

The 3 Things You Must Do Before You Approach an Investor


Very few business ideas become a reality without money. Raising money is however a challenging process for all types of companies.

The investor pitch is often the key to ensure a structured documentation of why your idea is worth investing in.

Converzion knows what investors want to know and what to see. We have experience and know-how but keep learning from others.

Here is a great article about investor pitches.


Beyond Money: What Startups Need From Investors

As creatives, we might imagine investors to be souless suits behind Excel spreadsheets who do little more than sign checks — but that’s far from true. Increasingly, VCs are people who used to be entrepreneurs

A VC firm’s value-add services will typically include introductions to potential partners or clients, marketing and PR, and recruiting — but how that plays out depends on both the size and style of the specific firm you’re working with.

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