The need for financing and our decision to assist select firms in obtaining it follows our underlying understanding of growth processes. We evaluate every inquiry on an individual basis whether it be a new start up in need of angel funds, a medium sized privately held company in need of venture capital or a fast growing company in need of growth equity.

We have access to localized and international financing sources including:

  1. Venture Funds
  2. Capital Funds
  3. Seed Capital
  4. Angel Funds

Operational Financing (Organic Growth)

Even if external financing is not needed – seemingly simple tasks such as obtaining a bank loan for a building lease can become a costly, long-winded process. Many small items, that are not typically considered can become large issues.

Operational items such as: Automobile leases, building leases, revolving credit lines and more can be difficult when entering a new market in turn hindering timely expansion and limiting growth potential.

Through our extensive network across the US and EU, Converzion provides an easier path for these initial steps and with access to our partners, finding sources does not need to consume valuable time and resources.

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