We make growth and international work faster and simpler

The key mission for the majority of all companies, large or small, involves the fundamental notion of growth. In an increasingly more online world, traditional trade barriers are close to eliminated, competition is fierce and daily web developments equates to 2 months of traditional offline market movements.


We make growth and international work faster and simpler. Our 10/90 approach has proven to be the recipe for success, we perform enough research to understand our clients and the environments in which they operate – and based on these findings we take an active, engaged role, versus simply conducting reporting and ‘hands-off’ advisement. Our 10/90 philosophy is the basis for all our service offerings. We assist in all phases from first sales meetings, trade shows, establishing legal entities, hiring staff to ensuring venture capital, professional board level activities and long term growth plans.

Growth Capital

We provide an easier path to access investor capital and funds

Access to US

We have over 20 years of experience in creating good US startup for Danish companies

Business Converter

We help a selection of our clients with maintaining their speed and agility by being their strategic partner and teammate.