We only work with companies and entrepreneurs that we believe in – that we see potential in. Our objective is not to send an invoice, but to become part of their growth as a partner.

  • We are not the classic business angel looking for all the red flags to get a better price.
  • We are not the classic business consultant looking to make improvements, but leaves when it is time for the dirty work or daily operations.

We are the business converters that engage in companies that are ready for rapid growth, international expansion and most likely raising growth capital.

We want to become a part of their company and contribute to their success as investors, as advisors, as board members or even as temporary staff. The companies we work for are thus not customers or clients. They are partners!

We accelerate the growth of the company by getting business processes automated, professionalized and scalable. Not only by analyzing, making recommendations and starting projects, but by getting things done.


“We are 10% research and 90% doing”


We are not afraid of doing the dirty work. We want to get to know the company for real before we become formalized partners. We want to date, dine and dance before we get married. We want to get to know the real people, get to know the DNA of their products, their customers and their potential before we become investors or partners.

We can only become investors or partner by being directly and actively involved in sales, marketing, production, finances, administration and staff handling

We are not afraid of saying no to companies. Some are not ready for rapid growth, sometimes the chemistry is not right, and sometimes our work doesn’t end up in a formalized partnership – and that is necessarily not a bad thing!

We will however always be straight, fair and direct. No hidden agendas, no consultant jargon and no nonsense. Companies will learn from us, get a leaner and more productive business, and have a better platform for success – even if our work doesn’t result in partnership

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