Online Presence

The importance of an effective online presence has grown exponentially over the last decade. In today’s increasingly online world, an ineffective online business model can lead to lost revenue potential while hindering company growth and expansion.

It is not only about website look and appearance, but usability, and the art of driving qualified traffic to the site obtaining the desired conversion goal. For many of our clients, optimization of the online presence often serves as the first step towards international expansion.

Online presence is not about having a web-site. It is about what is done with the web-site and how it can serve your company. Companies use extensive funds on product development and traditional marketing such as trade expositions, magazine advertisements and sponsorships – but rarely are the same resources allocated for the online space.

An effective online presence serves as a global communicator, lead generator, and storefront. Depending on our clients current situation several factors will be evaluated including whether or not the current site can be optimized or if a redesign is needed. Conversion takes part as an integrated partner from project commencement and typically stays on in a Chief Online Officer role, ensuring constant optimization and ROI on our clients online investments.

An example of some aspects we consider in our process can be found in our Online Presence Model (Seen Below).

The Converzion Online Presence Model

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