Jacob Kønigsfeldt

Business Converter –The US Access & Online Presence Strategy

JakobJacob Kønigsfeldt
Business Converter –The US Access & Online Presence Strategy

Jacob recently finished his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Aarhus University, and is about to start his Master in International Business. He also did a semester in San Diego, California US that taught him a lot about American culture and business.

Throughout his studies, Jacob has gained insight in a variety of business areas, and acquired skills that prepare him for the majority of the tasks he’s working with in Converzion. Besides getting theoretical knowledge from his studies, Jacob has worked with sales and customer service in different companies. Finally Jacob acquired eye for the details and the best possible perceptions, along with structure and leadership skills through his military service in The Royal Danish Lifeguard.

As a nature born sportsman, Jacob is also highly competitive, and strives to reach his goals with his team at any price. Both to be social with his co-workers and at the same time deeply committed to his work are some of Jacobs’ values. In his spare time, Jacob enjoys both watching and playing soccer and basketball with friends or teammates.