Data Is a Part of Everything!

Rapid growth originates from many different aspects of the company and industry, but data is a part everything! Effective data research creates essential knowledge about every part of the business; an example could be a target market in terms of competition, distribution, buying decision processes and many other things.

Our customer Raw Milk is looking to enter the U.S. with Players 1st., their software for the golf industry. We have just completed a market report on the U.S. golf course market.

The report concludes that the U.S. golf course market is going through a consolidation process, which is a market correction that responds the oversupply of the previous decades: if you take the year 2013 as an example there were 108 closures and only 14 openings. In these difficult times it is extremely important for the golf course managers to keep their players satisfaction as high as possible. This was just one indicator that projects a succesful market entry for Players 1st.