EASI’R signs with eBay

Effectively build and grow profitable customer relation is difficult. Our customer EASI’R is the leading cloud relations’ platform for the automotive industry. Converzion has helped EASI’R create a scalable workflow to meet the increasing demand from costumers around the world.

The increasing demand comes from an effective inbound marketing strategy, which puts EASI’R in a position, where the creation of quality inbound marketing content pulls costumers toward them. We at Converzion acknowledge that instead of the old outbound marketing methods of buying ads, buying email lists, and praying for leads, inbound marketing attracts qualified prospects to your business and keeps them coming back for more.


EASI’R has just signed with the worldwide e-commerce platform eBay and Mikael Moeslund CEO, says “We must open our eyes to Germany and the UK, but also North America, where opportunities might arise through our agreement with eBay”.

Read about EASI’Rs inspiring growth here

Norwell opens brand new fitness park in Indianapolis

Converzion has in many years been successful in helping our customers gain foothold in the American market. Sales processes, lead generation/mangement etc. takes time, but it is essential for an effective entry. We at Converzion emphasize the great importance of these processes and actively help our customers on a daily basis.

Our customer Norwell, a front runner in the design and development of outdoor fitness equipment for everyone, has successfully entered the American market and is constantly opening new fitness parks.

Representatives from Converzion is present at the opening of Norwell’s brand new 10 unit fitness park at Northview Church, Indianapolis.

Webproof six doubles the number of customers

For every business there is a scalability strategy that works. Our customer Webproof decided to go international and change their strategy from targeting only the big companies to also targeting the SMEs. Converzion was a big part of this process and made Webproof realize that the importance of an effective inbound marketing strategy, online presence, and creating an effective workflow are essential parts of a profitable international future and it kick-started their growth significantly.

“Converzion was spot on with their advice on necessary changes and actions to ensure growth. Their focus on strong online presence, effective customer and lead management, and scalable workflow was critical to our growth in new customers – and at the same time a huge plus that they not only gave advice but could assist with the practical implementation ”

Jan Adeltoft, Webproof

As always, we employ a no-nonsense 10/90 approach to our service – 10% research and 90% ‘doing’.

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Dreamforce ’15 is here!

Arpedio goes crazy at Dreamforce from September 15-18! Converzion contributes by handling the backoffice with lead follow-ups to ensure awareness and information on everything Arpedio. It’s a smart little feature, where the people on the ground scan visitors badge at the Arpedio stand and the Converzion back office register and follow up upon these leads.

As always, Converzion assist in all phases from first sales meetings, trade shows, establishing legal entities, hiring staff to ensuring venture capital, professional board level activities and long term growth plans.

Read more about Dreamforce here!

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me? Very few people dare say it out loud during business negotiations but very few can truthfully say it doesn’t cross their mind.

A deal needs to make sense professionally and have benefits for owners, management, product and/or staff. The business ROI is important and always needs to be central in all sales presentations.

Selling is however complex, involves many stakeholders and will in many cases have a personal element where chemistry, trust and connectivity play a role.

Sales are not only about having the best product at the right time to the right customer for the right price. It is understanding culture, environment, people and politics in any given company and situation.

One key element of this is understanding the personal ROI for key stakeholders.
We are all professionals but value is also helping individuals to achieve their personal goals economically, strategically and personally.

It is crucial to analyze and ask what’s in it for the key stake holders – How can this purchase help them achieve their personal goals?

It might not be the most important or defining factor (but could be) but it will always play a role. Many sales reps fail to document, position and demonstrate how they can add unique value to their prospects. As a result they lose even though they have the solution that offers the best business ROI.

Stakeholder analysis will be a crucial element of any sales process and an insight to the personal ROI reflections among key stakeholders will lead to great results.

You need to understand the stakeholder’s position, concerns and needs. You need to learn about internal and external influencers. You need to adjust to their ambitions, objectives, interest and risk profile. You need to gain insight to one of their key questions – What’s in it for me?

BtB – Be The Boss

In every sales process we as sales people often come to a point where we think the decision is now out of our control. The decision to buy or not is decided by others, and we have done what we could, and now have to hope for the best.

That is ultimately true in most cases, but the reality is that we often can influence and control the sales process better and especially longer.

The fact remains that the buyer will control the sales process the moment we back off, so it really comes down to taking control of the sales process as much and as long as possible.

Being proactive, tackling the sales process’ questions and becoming our prospects’ best project manager might seem a bit much, but most decision makers are actually looking for help getting through tough decision making.

There are many hidden questions, stakeholders and factors in a sales process and to point out, debate and answer some of these will not only making it a better sales process but also more predictable and faster.

A few areas where we as sales people can guide our prospects are

Relationships – Are they aware of all decision makers in the different roles and areas? Is there a clear stakeholder map? Can they talk, demonstrate and explain to all key players or do they need help?

Situation – Have they uncovered and acknowledged a key challenge, pain or opportunity in their company? Can we exemplify and support their ideas, needs and recommendations?

Process – Do they have a clear decision process with all key players and specific elements that are key factors in this process? Can we initiate and support an efficient evaluation process?

Solution – Are they aware of how the product or solution will impact their business and how it will work with current functionalities and processes? Can we assist in ensuring answers and solutions to all players in management, sales&marketing and IT departments?

Value – Has the prospect understood and promoted the key value drivers? Can we develop and support a favorable perception of the value of the solution?

Taking control of the sales process, being proactive and not being afraid of tackling the process questions will in complex sales processes be key to gaining insight, trust and closed deals – so get the deals you need; Be the Boss

The Eternal Entrepreneur

There’s an entrepreneur in every successful leader.

Leaders have that restlessness that makes them constantly looking for improvements, new options, new markets, and more growth. They’re eager for change and development and have respect for but lack interest for basic operations, reports, long intern meetings and traditional operation assignments.

It is the entrepreneur with the sense for scaling and growth that will become a successful leader.

Sense for scaling is the key phrase, since many talented entrepreneurs don’t become leaders of a company with constant growth only because they haven’t mastered the scaling. Many entrepreneurs focus on being the ‘man of the house’ and being a part in every aspect of the business; knowing all the customers and employees and to be the center of attention.

This classic entrepreneur will not be able to achieve growth in the long run or on a larger scale. There are many healthy things in being the initiator, the motivator, the center of attention and understanding all aspects of your business, but the change from being a successful entrepreneur to a successful leader is founded on clear principles and a continuous understanding of your own role and function.

A powerful growth isn’t the objective for all, but if you want to grow from 10-15 to 100 employees in 1-2 years, not knowing the names of all your employees, having customers you didn’t even realize you had, experience the bank beginning to recognize you as a legitimate customer, and suddenly talking about a market value in the millions, then you can’t change paths or principles often.

The bridge between being an entrepreneur and a leader is to keep your entrepreneur mind, but focus on:

  • Having a joint goal and vision- Have a clear goal set, vision for the company, and being sure that everyone understands and shares it
  • Creating a culture and atmosphere of change- Growth means constant changes. Employees, procedures and routines should be constantly changed, so build windmills and don’t fence in or exploit change. Motivate and reward reconstruction and renewal. Challenge habits and routines. Experiment, test, take chances and try something new
  • Ensuring talented people around you- Growth shapes new needs and no entrepreneur is the best at all positions (even if we often think we are), so employ better people than yourself for specific functions and have confidence in their work
  • Hiring carefully, but fire confidently- It’s expensive and harmful to get the wrong employee in, so even if there’s specific needs, you need to hurry slowly. On the other hand, there isn’t time for many chances or hope for change if the employee isn’t prepared for the changes that come with growth
  • Simplifying the organizational operation- Many non-essential functions can advantageously be outsourced, and a lot of marketing , PR , customer care , knowledge sharing , reporting and information can be automated and done in the cloud rather than in the meeting room.
  • Accept failures – Change Culture is accepting failures. That you test and fail, that you have more faith in the market and customer response than long analyzes and reports. It also means that you have to forgive more than you have to grant permissions. Growth-orientated employees and talented management teams must dare to find new and original ways to achieve the common objective
  • Management By Walking Around (MBWA) – Be visible, direct and committed. Have team meetings outside, come uninvited to meetings, have an open office and meet employees in informal settings.
  • Celebrate successes – Preserve the joy of small and large successes. Share the good stories and celebrate them!
  • Maintain open and direct dialogue – Investors, advisors and professional boards are often a prerequisite for growth, but they must not destroy the open and direct dialogue from your entrepreneur days. Provide updates on large screens, share information, give the opportunity for input, criticism and dialogue and remember changing culture rule number 1: The leader must lead the way of change. The manager must continuously change his or hers format for involvement with employees, but always with a focus on openness Sounds easier than done in practical terms but these objectives are key for growth orientated companies

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