A New Member of the Converzion Team

We are very pleased to announce Joshua Meilsøe, our newest team member in the States, is joining Converzion as a Business Converter. Joshua will be working with research and our content development and management for a number of clients. We are greatly looking forward to his contributions to our team and our clients.

Worldticket Has Renewed Their Contract With Converzion

Our customer Worldticket develop sales and reservation systems for small and medium sizes airlines all over the world; their solution is called Sell-More-Seats. They offer the airlines a system with no implementation costs and a very high level of flexibility.

Converzion is helping Worldticket with their global expansion strategy by focusing on scalable workflows, crucial choices in regard to primary markets of focus, determination of target customer and channel strategy and several other areas.

Moodagent is partnering up with Converzion

Moodagent has developed a unique business software technology that captures the truly musical qualities in the audio itself – instantly and automatically.  The software solves the music search and discovery problem in the fastest, most accurate and most natural way by capturing all musical and emotional characteristics directly and automatically from the audio signal.

During the next six months, Converzion will identify the international prosperity of Moodagent and with a specific focus on scalability, develop hands-on expansions and growth strategies.

Converzion has landed a new client, Raw Milk!

Raw Milk’s product, Players 1st is a online based software that enables golf clubs to retain and recruit golfers and increase the club’s revenue by focusing on customer experience and loyalty. 

Over the course of the next 6 months,  Converzion will help Raw Milk with the expansion and growth strategies for the Players 1st product. The process evolves around the international prospect of the product and creating a scalable workflow to initiate the expansion and growth strategies.

Regus – The Global Workplace

Virtual companies may operate differently than traditional ones, but that doesn’t mean that “traditional” rules go out the window! Team members must still produce and managers still need to manage. Here at Converzion we believe that remote jobs and distributed teams are the future of businesses. It calls for flexible work hours and virtual offices, that create opportunities for people to work whenever and from wherever they want as long as the work gets done. With this way of doing business, we are happy to have teamed up with Regus, who offers an easy and effective solution with access to offices worldwide.

For more than two decades, Regus has been helping businesses of all kinds to work more effectively, in the way that suits them. The company now has 3,000 business centres in 900 cities all over the world.

The End of Dreamforce!

The conference was a great success and ARPEDIO acquired a big amount of new leads. Converzion supported ARPEDIO in the back office with lead follow-ups – whenever a visitor left the Arpedio stand, they received an e-mail within 5 minutes saying “Thank you for stopping by the ARPEDIO Sales Enablement booth …”. The process worked flawless and produced 258 promising leads!


Converzion doesn’t only act as an advisory partner, but we also assist with practical implementation, tracking leads, online presence and much more.

And the Robot Company of the Year in Denmark is…

Our co-founder Torben Frigaard Rasmussen is chairman of Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR) from Odense, Denmark. They have just received the Danish Robot Network DIRA’s automation award. The award goes to a company in Danmark that has applied robotics in the newest possible way and simultaneously created new jobs. Read more about the award here! 

Chrysalis Venture’s Annual Portfolio Meeting

To successfully provide guidance, insight and expertise across multiple areas to help customers expand their businesses, you continuously have to consider and work with every area of the process. The need for financing is evidently a part of every growth process and as a part of our extensive network in the US, as partners we attended  Chrysalis Venture’s annual portfolio meeting in Louisville, Kentucky.

Chrysalis Ventures manages one of Mid-America’s largest funds for early-stage and growth investments. They are focused on building great businesses in industries undergoing significant transformation, primarily in the Healthcare and Technology sectors. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Chrysalis seeks to partner with entrepreneurs to build enduring businesses in industries undergoing significant transformation.

EASI’R signs with eBay

Effectively build and grow profitable customer relation is difficult. Our customer EASI’R is the leading cloud relations’ platform for the automotive industry. Converzion has helped EASI’R create a scalable workflow to meet the increasing demand from costumers around the world.

The increasing demand comes from an effective inbound marketing strategy, which puts EASI’R in a position, where the creation of quality inbound marketing content pulls costumers toward them. We at Converzion acknowledge that instead of the old outbound marketing methods of buying ads, buying email lists, and praying for leads, inbound marketing attracts qualified prospects to your business and keeps them coming back for more.


EASI’R has just signed with the worldwide e-commerce platform eBay and Mikael Moeslund CEO, says “We must open our eyes to Germany and the UK, but also North America, where opportunities might arise through our agreement with eBay”.

Read about EASI’Rs inspiring growth here

Norwell opens brand new fitness park in Indianapolis

Converzion has in many years been successful in helping our customers gain foothold in the American market. Sales processes, lead generation/mangement etc. takes time, but it is essential for an effective entry. We at Converzion emphasize the great importance of these processes and actively help our customers on a daily basis.

Our customer Norwell, a front runner in the design and development of outdoor fitness equipment for everyone, has successfully entered the American market and is constantly opening new fitness parks.

Representatives from Converzion is present at the opening of Norwell’s brand new 10 unit fitness park at Northview Church, Indianapolis.