BtB – Be The Boss

In every sales process we as sales people often come to a point where we think the decision is now out of our control. The decision to buy or not is decided by others, and we have done what we could, and now have to hope for the best.

That is ultimately true in most cases, but the reality is that we often can influence and control the sales process better and especially longer.

The fact remains that the buyer will control the sales process the moment we back off, so it really comes down to taking control of the sales process as much and as long as possible.

Being proactive, tackling the sales process’ questions and becoming our prospects’ best project manager might seem a bit much, but most decision makers are actually looking for help getting through tough decision making.

There are many hidden questions, stakeholders and factors in a sales process and to point out, debate and answer some of these will not only making it a better sales process but also more predictable and faster.

A few areas where we as sales people can guide our prospects are

Relationships – Are they aware of all decision makers in the different roles and areas? Is there a clear stakeholder map? Can they talk, demonstrate and explain to all key players or do they need help?

Situation – Have they uncovered and acknowledged a key challenge, pain or opportunity in their company? Can we exemplify and support their ideas, needs and recommendations?

Process – Do they have a clear decision process with all key players and specific elements that are key factors in this process? Can we initiate and support an efficient evaluation process?

Solution – Are they aware of how the product or solution will impact their business and how it will work with current functionalities and processes? Can we assist in ensuring answers and solutions to all players in management, sales&marketing and IT departments?

Value – Has the prospect understood and promoted the key value drivers? Can we develop and support a favorable perception of the value of the solution?

Taking control of the sales process, being proactive and not being afraid of tackling the process questions will in complex sales processes be key to gaining insight, trust and closed deals – so get the deals you need; Be the Boss