7 Signs That Tell Investors Your Business Is Worth It

If you’re about to seek an investment, you want to know for sure that you’re going to get it. You want to walk in to meet an investor as prepared as you can possibly be. You need to ascertain that your business is a good investment opportunity before you start pitching yourself, and you can do that by viewing your business as an impartial observer. Here are seven signs that will tell an investor your business worthy of their capital.

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On Robot is partnering up with Converzion

In cooperation with Invest in Odense, Converzion has agreed to help prominent companies within robotics. On Robot is one of the companies: They develop robot equipment for automation tasks throughout the industry. Their innovative RG2, Industrial Robot Gripper, is a flexible electric gripper designed to fit robots from Universal Robots. Some of RG2’s features include Plug n’ Play, wide work range and simple programming.

Converzion will assist On Robot in their need for financing through our access to both localized and international financing sources, and additionally with the expansion and growth strategies for their robot equipment by addressing their internal processes with a special focus on scalability.

Market Report on the U.S. Boating Industry

The report on the U.S. investigates the market entry opportunities for the innovative P2P boat rental company, Boatflex, by analysing the market size – and trends, competitors, legislation framework and many more aspects.

Boating is extremely popular in the U.S. – in 2013 more than 36% of the adult population participated in some kind of boating activity, that equals to 88,5 million people. Would you ever have guessed that there are more than 902.000 registered recreational boats only in Florida and the power boat market worth 1.9 billion dollars there in 2012? Since the P2P boat renting is relatively new everywhere, there are still significant untouched markets out there that Boatflex can take over before the competitors.

Converzion is contributing to the rapid growth of TriVision

In cooperation with Invest in Odense, Converzion has agreed to help prominent companies within robotics. TriVision is one of the companies; they specialize in vision technology and is supplier of user-friendly high-end vision systems for the production industry. TriVision offers the customers a variety of quality control & quality assurance products such as the TriVision Packaging Inspector and the TriVision Product Inspector.

Conversions’ job is to contribute their rapid development by addressing their scalability and internal effectiveness combined with the need for external capital to ensure their accelerated growth and to facilitate the increasing demand

Data Is a Part of Everything!

Rapid growth originates from many different aspects of the company and industry, but data is a part everything! Effective data research creates essential knowledge about every part of the business; an example could be a target market in terms of competition, distribution, buying decision processes and many other things.

Our customer Raw Milk is looking to enter the U.S. with Players 1st., their software for the golf industry. We have just completed a market report on the U.S. golf course market.

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Converzion is Now Collaborating with Sensohive

In cooperation with Invest in Odense, Converzion has agreed to assist prominent companies within robotics. One of them is Sensohive, who has developed a cheap, flexible and durable communication system that makes it possible to gather data that was previously very difficult to collect. Their setup provides wireless sensor systems with any number of measuring points as well as a cloud-solution, which can suit multiple markets.

Conversions’ job is to contribute to their rapid development by addressing their growth processes in terms of scalability, but also assist them in their need for financing through our access to both localized and international financing sources.

Fitness Trail At An Old Dump

The Northland Arboretum in Minnesota just completed the first phase of its fitness trail, with four separate stations for stretching, balance and strength training. The fitness trail features stainless steel, all-weather fitness equipment, imported from Denmark. The outdoor equipment is from our customer Norwell Outdoor Fitness and it comes with an interactive feature: an iPhone APP that illustrates the exercises and charts your progress.

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Boatflex is Teaming Up with Converzion

Boatflex is a peer-to-peer platform for fully insured boat rentals between trusted and passionate sailors. Whether you are looking for a motorboat to enjoy a fun day out on the water or a sailboat to have a great sail, Boatflex creates safe and unique experiences at affordable prices.

Over the course of 6 months, Converzion will help Boatflex with their global expansion strategy with specific focus on scalable processes, market entry strategies and online presence.

Knowing 5.4 people!

In many ways selling was easier in the good old days with top down decisions, hierarchical structures, and a static budget.

Today’s economy with flat organizations, dialogue based decision processes and dynamic, flexible budgets makes it hard to get a yes or no as a sales person.

Studies show that on average 5.4 people are involved in any purchase decision and that especially in bigger companies and concerning software and tech solutions the decision process is long, complex and involving many stakeholders.

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