7 Signs That Tell Investors Your Business Is Worth It

If you’re about to seek an investment, you want to know for sure that you’re going to get it. You want to walk in to meet an investor as prepared as you can possibly be. You need to ascertain that your business is a good investment opportunity before you start pitching yourself, and you can do that by viewing your business as an impartial observer. Here are seven signs that will tell an investor your business worthy of their capital.

Read the signs, and how you can find the money, here.

International Ambitions?

We have assisted in 20+ M&A transactions over the last couple of years in Europe and USA, had numerous partnerships with international companies, and have a continuously growing list of international clients.

It is the best job in the world, but our spouses and kids still love us, so we are looking to expand our global network of Junior Business Converters.

We are looking for young, dynamic people who don’t have to be told that knowledge, hard work, risk taking and commitment leads to results, and who know that performance and effort comes before rewards.

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Converzion henter millioner

Converzion har altid haft mindre fokus på rapporter, snak og rådgivning og til gengæld mere fokus på praktisk hjælp, konkrete resultater og mere kapital.

Via en samarbejdsaftale med det visionære offentlige tiltag Invest in Odense har Converzion over de seneste 9 måneder hjulpet tre vækstende virksomheder med at skaffe grundlag for og adgang til vækstkapital – og resultaterne er i hus!

Et mindre tocifret millionbeløb i ny vækstkapital sikrer ikke kun ny beskæftigelse, adgang til nye markeder og kraftige vækstrater for de tre virksomheder men er med til at understrege, at selv mindre virksomheder kan med det rette set up tiltrække investorer

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On Robot is partnering up with Converzion

In cooperation with Invest in Odense, Converzion has agreed to help prominent companies within robotics. On Robot is one of the companies: They develop robot equipment for automation tasks throughout the industry. Their innovative RG2, Industrial Robot Gripper, is a flexible electric gripper designed to fit robots from Universal Robots. Some of RG2’s features include Plug n’ Play, wide work range and simple programming.

Converzion will assist On Robot in their need for financing through our access to both localized and international financing sources, and additionally with the expansion and growth strategies for their robot equipment by addressing their internal processes with a special focus on scalability.

Market Report on the U.S. Boating Industry

The report on the U.S. investigates the market entry opportunities for the innovative P2P boat rental company, Boatflex, by analysing the market size – and trends, competitors, legislation framework and many more aspects.

Boating is extremely popular in the U.S. – in 2013 more than 36% of the adult population participated in some kind of boating activity, that equals to 88,5 million people. Would you ever have guessed that there are more than 902.000 registered recreational boats only in Florida and the power boat market worth 1.9 billion dollars there in 2012? Since the P2P boat renting is relatively new everywhere, there are still significant untouched markets out there that Boatflex can take over before the competitors.